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Shalom & welcome to our National Integrative Telehealth services. We appreciate you for choosing Edenic Light Integrative Pastoral & Family Life Care for all of your healthcare, mental health &/or pastoral care needs. Our aim is to be a cutting edge primary care telehealth service that provides innovative, effective & affordable faith & evidence-based Natural Health solutions to ensure you & your family experience convenient optimal health results. Your healing process starts here. It is important that you read this in its entirety: By using our services you agree that you have read, understand & agree to the information herein. We offer 3 types of services: 1. In-Clinic services 2. Video consult services & 3. Chat consultation services. It is very important that you understand that #1. In-Clinic services are related to those clients who need to have laboratory assessments, at one of our many affiliates, nation-wide in 46 States(excluding MD, NJ, NY and RI. Video & Chat consults available only in these states ). We do not offer, at this time, in-clinic direct Physician to patient service via our practice, except for Massage & Relaxation services in the Atlanta Georgia area. In-Clinic services are to be used in conjunction with Telehealth Video consult. For faster and more efficient service & if you do not have any labs already performed by another healthcare provider within the last 60 days, then we recommend that you purchase and complete a Laboratory assessment, prior to scheduling a video consult, so that the healthcare provider can have the records & a therapy plan available during the video consult. Sample Labs can be reviewed via our site www.edenic-light.com to help you decide which comprehensive services best suit your Wellness needs. We do not accept labs ordered directly by patients online. Patient's can elect not to pay for labs before a consult. If you elect not to prepay & have lab assessments performed before your scheduled video consult, you can wait until your video consult. During the video consult, the healthcare provider will order tests & assessments, if necessary, & will instruct you on which in-clinic orders to select. Once you have paid for your In-clinic laboratory assessments, you will receive a requisition form via email, of which you print out & take with you to the Laboratory office that is set nearest your registered address zip-code, along with valid state issued ID. Once you have completed your lab assessments, you will be scheduled for a follow up video consult, as well as receive a copy of your results, & any therapy plans written by the healthcare provider. Any Naturopathic, Homeopathic or Oriental Medicine Prescriptions Rx, authorized by the healthcare provider, will be listed on a separate invoice that will be emailed to your registered email. Once you pay for your prescriptions, the specific National Pharmacy/Dispensary, will ship your prescriptions directly to your registered address.

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